​The business manager coordinates the efforts of your existing professional service providers including attorneys, agents, financial planers, insurance agents, etc.  ​

Giving you the Financial Tools you deserve.

With star/cross+management in place, we will oversee your financial affairs by making recommendations and consulting in all financial areas.  Our overall philosophy is to provide you with a custom-designed package of options and recommendations for financial management services to help you attain your desired long-term goals as well as relieve you of much of your day-to-day personal record keeping. 

From where we sit,

we see eye to eye with you

​Over 25 years of Sports and Entertainment Management services.


We're at the forefront of ever-changing laws and are fully committed to exceed client expectations. 


After gaining an understanding, we can then provide creative and innovative solutions to meet those goals and develop a solid lifetime financial strategy.  ​ 

StarCross Management