Our Clients

Our clients range from the G League to the Big League, From the AHL to the NHL, from the NFL to the CFL, from the Soccer Fields to the Gridiron or the Baseball Diamond. Our clients have played in world series, super bowls, World Cup Championships. However, some of our clients have also been undrafted, traded and cut. Our clients are retired and on to their “Second Career” after Days or Years of professional life.

Our clients have had Million dollar record deals and have been on stage and behind the stage. Our clients have been on the silver screen, the television screen and on the green screen. StarCross Management is with you no matter your path We share your passion to succeed no matter the rout you choose and are with you even after the cheering stops.

Your Confidentiality is our priority

We do NOT list our clients here for that very reason
If you would like to obtain a list of our clients please contact us for those that have given us their permission to disclose with whom we work.