Our Services

StarCross Management will work with you develop a comprehensive Business Management Plan to help us gain an understanding your unique personal financial needs. We will perform a detailed analysis of your current financial situation. We can then provide creative and innovative solutions to meet those goals and develop a solid lifetime financial strategy.

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With star/cross+management in place, we will oversee your financial affairs by making recommendations and consulting in all financial areas. Our overall philosophy is to provide you with a custom-designed package of options and recommendations for financial management services to help you attain your desired long-term goals as well as relieve you of much of your day-to-day personal record keeping. While we will provide you with our recommendations and guide you through the decisions, when you engage star/cross+management, YOU possess the final say in all matters.

Financial/Business Planning and Budgeting

Financial Review – A comprehensive review of your current finances.
Financial Analysis – An in-depth analysis of your financial information to form the basis for your plan.
Budgeting – A two to three year budget based on you current earnings and expense requirements.

Cash Flow and Debt Management

Bill Payment  – Review and payment, upon approval, of each bill when it becomes due.
Financial Monitoring – We regularly prepare a summary of monthly income received and checks paid, as well as preparing personal financial statements upon request and review them with you.
Financing – Assistance with securing financing for the purchase of automobiles, homes and other large assets utilizing our relationships with lenders to seek out the most favorable terms for your borrowing needs.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Planning – Ongoing tax planning advice and strategies to help minimize taxes through knowledge of individual, corporate and partnership tax law.
Tax Preparation – Coordination of all tax matters for accurate and timely preparation and filing of your federal and state income tax returns.

Insurance Analysis

Insurance Review – We will work with you and your insurance brokers to analyze your insurance requirements both personal and professional and assist with the development of an insurance plan that is cost effective while offering you protection in today’s litigious society. Your insurance needs may include: non appearance coverage, workers compensation, disability, life and E&O insurance, excess liability coverage, personal liability, homeowner’s and auto.

Estate Planning

We have a network of attorneys who are familiar with federal and state laws and work with you to create a strategy for preserving and transferring your assets while reducing tax and administrative costs.

Income and Expense Control

Cash management – We actively oversee all aspects of your Expenses and Income including Fees, Salaries, Merchandising, Endorsements, and Investments.
Contract Review – We monitor your contracts to ensure proper and timely receipt of all monies due you or your operating companies
Loan-Out Corporations – We assist with the planning and incorporation of your personal services company and ensure that the company is in compliance with all of the corporate regulations and requirements.

Financial management

We monitor financial activities of your financial advisor, investment advisor as well as all funds passing through your agent, manager or attorney.